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About Holy Headshot!

Holy Headshot! is an amazing collection of the funniest, strangest, most captivating performers' headshots and resumes you have ever seen. The book throws open the door to the casting director's office and gives an entertaining peek into the amazing—and sometimes bizarre—world of show business. Authors Patrick Borelli and Douglas Gorenstein pored over 50,000 headshots to put together this remarkable gallery, which showcases everyone from aspiring amateurs who are striving to live out their Hollywood dreams to seasoned professionals that you might recognize from the big screen. A celebration of our national obsession with getting famous, Holy Headshot! offers up plenty of "What were they thinking!?" hilarity, but just as often you'll find yourself rooting for the characters that populate its pages.

How Holy Headshot! Came About

In 2004, Patrick produced "Entertaining the Young," a variety show featuring elderly people. To find talent, he placed an ad in Backstage magazine. Within two weeks he'd received more than a hundred headshots and accompanying resumes. He'd read and re-read the resumes and marvel at the photos. He found them so amusing that he started carrying around a few of the standouts, and would show them to people at work or to friends at bars. The response was always, "Where did you find these?!" The variety show was a big success, but it was the headshots that left the biggest impression on Patrick.

While he loved other people's headshots, Patrick had sadly neglected his own: he'd been using the same tired old headshot for six years. Finally, though, he broke down and scheduled a photo shoot with Douglas Gorenstein, a headshot photographer and friend who played on Patrick's hockey team.

During the shoot with Douglas, Patrick said that he was thinking it would be fun to do a book about hilarious, offbeat, and unique headshots. Douglas loved the idea, and they immediately started brainstorming. Douglas's expertise and connections in the field helped them dive head first into the world of headshots. They searched through the files of casting directors and agents. They also posted ads in Backstage, on Craigslist, and on talent databases online. They contacted the actors and photographers to get their enthusiastic permission and within a year, they had the impressive and endlessly entertaining collection that comprises the truly awesome book that is Holy Headshot!